About us

We design, engineer, produce, assemble and programme industrial machinery, production and assembly lines, test facilities and other automation technology. We supply innovative solutions streamlining industrial production for our customers' manufacturing plants around the world.

Automation technology development and production

  • development, production and assembly
  • designers, electronics engineers, programmers, technicians and mechanics

We operate in the industrial automation and robotics sector. We specialise in the development, production and assembly of special-purpose machinery and automatic assembly lines made to order according to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We are a well-coordinated team of specialists in industrial automation, informatics and robotics: constructors, power engineering designers, programmers, engineers and mechanics, with our own design office and assembly hall.

Industrial automation technogy and innovation

  • streamlined and automated production
  • turnkey design and programming

We design machines that streamline, automate and speed up production while optimising costs. We draw on the technology of tried-and-tested suppliers. We design innovative, practical solutions for specific processes and products. We use the latest versions of the SolidWorks modelling system for engineering design, and ePLAN for electrical engineering design. We install special-purpose production machinery and automatic lines personally in industrial plants and provide training to operating personnel.

Automatically more effecient solution

  • quality, speed, price
  • analysis, design, implementation

We are acutely aware of the fact that efficiency in the proposed solutions, quality, speed and price are dealmakers. We process your requirements to draw up an analysis and design the corresponding automation station and line. We are in a position where we can tap into our wealth of experience to promise the delivery of innovative, value-for-money, top-quality equipment within agreed timeframes.

Certified design and production

  • ISO 9001 and declarations of conformity
  • certified and trained specialists

The company is ISO 9001 certified. Our facilities have been issued with declarations of conformity and we are trained by the audit firm TÜV NORD to assess their safety and issue risk analyses. Our engineers are certified by the general SolidWorks software supplier. Our electronics designers are trained by EPLAN ENGINEERING CZ.