We specialise in the development and manufacture of bespoke automation technology.

Air-conditioning Unit Functionality Tester

We designed automatic equipment to test air-conditioning unit functionality. This equipment checks for the presence and correct installation of air-conditioning unit components and tests their functionality in eight steps: fan test, distribution valve test, temperature valve test, air inlet valve test, air quality sensor connection test, evaporator sensor connection test, vibration test and noise test. Delivery included the production of the tester and the remodelling of existing assembly line.

Staffing requirements: 1 operator
Equipment capacity: 30 seconds per complete part
Number of parameters tested: 8 functioning of:    the fan
                          distribution valves
                          temperature valves 
                          air inlet valves
connection of:    the air quality sensor
                          vaporator sensor
measurements: vibration 
Presence detection equipment: 10 cameras (Basler)