We specialise in the development and manufacture of bespoke automation technology.

Assembly and testing line for sensor production

This automatic line (constructed by us) is used to cast and encapsulate fitted sensor bodies. The equipment automatically handles the bodies and casings, which are inserted by the operator into the machine's input positions. In the equipment, the encapsulant is precision mixed and dispensed into the sensor casing. The actual assembly of the sensor core in the casing takes place in a vacuum chamber. Finally, the positioning of the parts in the assembly unit is automatically visually checked.

Staffing requirements: 1–2 operators
Equipment capacity: 360 units per hour
Number of stations: 4
check of ring and case casting
sensor assembly and check of assembly
placing of connectors in the storage pallets
vulcanisation of connectors in storage pallets
Control system: Beckhoff
Presence detection equipment: 3 camera systems (Turck-Banner)
Special component: 1 encapsulant dispenser (Bartec)