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Even this way we could characterize yesterday's workshop at along with students and the Engineering Student Club. Thanks to students for enormous attendance and great ideas. Photos here.

Press realease: DEIMOS with support of the Genesis fund builds D2G


Sharing our experience

Besides a workshop planned at the Czech Technical University in Prague, to take place at the end of March, we have also scheduled afternoons at the Secondary Industrial School in Prosek and, more recently, at the Post-secondary and Secondary Technical School of Low-voltage Electrical Engineering, which has become a new partner. Students from both schools have already spent time on short- and long-term work experience with us.

At the end of March, we will be seeing those of you who are going to Amper – we will be delivering a paper on traceability in the panel on Automation and Sensor Technology in Industry.

From a statue of Franz Kafka to the future of DEIMOS

We have delivered these solutions to more than 15 countries in Europe and across the world. Our lines and special-purpose machinery can now be found in Germany, Poland, India and Mexico. We recently shared what it takes and what to be careful of in this article.

We know what it means to keep up with trends without succumbing to them. We are not focused solely on planned acquisitions and group expansion to include other engineering companies that can help us to maintain our position on the rapidly growing and evolving market of automation and robotics. We have shed light on our future plans here

20 bar pressure

We constructed equipment to test product quality by means of pressure for Visteon.


The component tested is part of the car air-conditioning compressor. To ensure production quality down the line, the tightness of the component needs to be tested very thoroughly. The operator places four of the parts to be tested into the machine and these are then fixed into position with the force of several tonnes by a pneumatic hydraulic converter. The entire body is then pressurised up to 20 bar and precision sensors test any drop in pressure over time. 

Is your Maserati securely locked?

We have engineered equipment to test the complete functionality of car door locks for Kiekert. The machine is part of the Maserati line and tests locks with a force of approximately 400 N. It takes 37 seconds to test one lock. 

Czech Technical University and DEIMOS

In March 2016, we followed up on our November meeting with students from the mechanical engineering faculty, which went by the name of Engineering Club! Kafkaesque Coffee Room? This time, design work in industrial automation was on the agenda. We welcomed future designers to DEIMOS to give them a vivid idea of the tasks they will one day be faced with on a daily basis.


We showed them how a design office is run. We took them through the life-cycle of a typical project, encompassing the commission, design, assembly, programming, and start-up of the machinery, followed by periodic servicing. Students had the chance to learn about the buzz of an assembly workshop and see that a designer’s work by no means ends when the drawings and bills of materials are dispatched. They were able to form an idea of how a production team works, involving not only designers and mechanics, but also project managers, electrical design engineers, programmers and other professions.


They discussed the technical issues and pitfalls awaiting any rookie, as well as work requirements such as communication skills and the need for interdisciplinary understanding as conditions for fruitful work within a production team.


We have been pleased with the students’ interest and look forward to further cooperation with the Czech Technical University.

Technical students at DEIMOS

We are continuing to develop our cooperation with technical schools. In April 2016, we focused on encouraging students from Prosek Secondary Technical School to study mechatronics. Third-years were given a motivational lecture on The Future of Automation and Occupations of the Future. Later, we welcomed the school’s students to DEIMOS so that they could see for themselves what it takes to run a design office and what a typical automation project looks like.


Students had the chance to learn about the “buzz” of an assembly workshop. They came to grips with the various professions involved in the project life cycle and were able to form an idea of how a production team works, involving not only designers and mechanics, but also project managers, electrical design engineers, programmers and other professions. They discussed the technical issues and pitfalls awaiting any rookie, as well as work requirements such as communication skills and the need for interdisciplinary understanding as conditions for fruitful work within a production team.


We were very pleased with the students’ interest and look forward to having the opportunity to look after them in a more hands-on setting. The best will be offered casual jobs with us and we will support their interesting graduation projects. In the future, selected students will become our new colleagues.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis 100/400

In December 2015, it will be 100 years since the publication of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. It has been possible to see Kafka’s metamorphosis for yourselves in Prague for more than a year. A rotating sculpture of Kafka has been on show at the Quadrio Shopping Centre for more than 400 days now. In that time, its mechanisms have been shut down for just under 25 days because of the weather. It is also turned off briefly for routine maintenance of not more than three hours per month.


The longest time it has been out of action was a 15-day stint in the scorching summer, when the temperature on the sheathing surface spiralled to more than 60°C. The sculpture was also brought to a short standstill by the extreme cold that swept across the Czech Republic in December 2014. Temperatures have ranged from -18°C in the winter to +63°C in August 2016, one of the hottest months since records began in the Czech Republic. In the period from its unveiling until 10 December 2015, the sculpture has made approximately 290,000 rotations and is estimated to have covered a distance of more than 4,500 km. You can see how the sculpture was made here.

DEIMOS: change of management

Dear Clients, Colleagues, Business Partners, Employees and Friends of DEIMOS,


I have decided to make changes in the management of DEIMOS s.r.o. From January 2016, I am handing over executive management of the company to a new director. As managing director, I will continue to play a role in the strategic management of DEIMOS along with the management and implementation team. I am confident that DEIMOS is well prepared for this change, which is essential for the further growth of production and quality.                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                            Jan Kislinger                


Management team expansion

From 1 January 2016, the new executive director at DEIMOS will be Vladislav Němec, who has past experience of managing production and technology companies. He had a stint as sales and marketing director at the brewing company Rodinný pivovar BERNARD. At Cleverlance, the IT company, he was initially responsible for delivering solutions for the insurance sector, before being appointed as the manager of a foreign branch and the marketing director of the entire holding. He has also managed the technology company TrustPort, where he was CEO.


 "DEIMOS is not entirely unknown territory to me. Starting in early 2015, I externally managed the implementation of new processes with a view to enhancing the quality of project management and organisation. At a technology company this is a precondition for further successful growth," says Vladislav Němec as he sums up his links with DEIMOS.


"Our cooperation has already worked well in the implementation of the new management processes we successfully deployed this year. We need to move on, improve, and not only in management. I applaud this strengthening of our management team as another step forward," says of this forthcoming collaboration Jiří Kařízek, the company’s technical director.



Change of ownership structure


Since November 2015, DEIMOS s.r.o. has been a member of JKFG a.s., a group in which the shareholders have gradually pooled together other existing and future business activities. This new structure will make it possible to harness the synergy effectively and drive forward vigorous development. This means that DEIMOS is also obtaining further support for its future development.


I am pleased to have had this opportunity to enlighten you as to the fundamental changes that are to be made before they become common knowledge. I appreciate your trust to date and I am sure that our mutual cooperation will continue to flourish.

Investing in technology

Having expanded our software, besides our annual installations of the latest version of the SolidWorks and E-plan design programs, we can now also draw on special KUKA Robotics software for the modelling and simulation of robot use. We are also investing in production facilities, adding tool-making machinery to our range of automation technology assembly equipment.

VIDEO: Automation in Movement

To get a better picture of the way the automation technology we make works, take a look at our videos explaining the operations of various machines. See for yourselves how bearing sleeves are assembledcompressors are put together and tested, and EGR valves are built – all automatically.


We design machines that streamline, automate and speed up production while optimising costs. We have filmed selected projects for you, and you can view others in the photographs posted in the “Implementations” section. Videos and photographs also available on our social network channels on fb, yt, g+, vimeo and li – look up DEIMOS Automation. Links to social networks can be found at the foot of our website.

Putting theory into practice

We are well aware of the fact that, in technical fields in particular, work experience is an essential part of a student's education. Making the switch from the textbook to the shop floor can be a tortuous route, but not here at DEIMOS. In May, we welcomed our first student from the Secondary Industry School in Prosek, where he studies engineering and industrial design.


Under the guidance of design and workshop staff, he contributed to the production of automated technology, studying the documentation and then performing individual tasks in the actual assembly of the machinery. He also had the opportunity to dip his toes in other areas of production while he was at DEIMOS – electrical design, installation and programming. By the time he left, he had some idea of how demanding industrial automation projects could be and had a better understanding of the need for perfect synergy between each member of the implementation team.

100% Metalmorphosis servicing

This time we really got down to the bare bones in our servicing of a sculpture in Charlotte, North Carolina. The head was taken apart completely, leaving just the central column standing. We inspected and cleaned all the parts, replaced those that were worn, made absolutely sure that the spout was secured to prevent water from infiltrating the mechanical areas of the statue, repaired the electrical wiring, reassembled the entire sculpture and harmonised the programming.


A lot of careful preparation and intensive logistics were required before the meticulous mechanical work could be carried out in situ. The specific components of the statute that needed to be replaced were made in the Czech Republic and transported to the US. We were also faced with unforeseen challenges on the ground. A defect in the control panel was laid bare during installation. We purchased a new panel directly in the US, but the software had to be loaded from approximately 7,400 km away. That is how far Prague is away from Charlotte.

ISO 9001 and other project management innovations

DEIMOS has successfully recertified its organisational management system in accordance with the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001. Specifically, our compliance with the quality system standard in the management of our projects, with a stress on customer satisfaction, was reviewed. The end result is that TÜV SÜD Czech has been able to confirm the quality we deliver when managing the design, construction and production of our automation technology.

We can now reveal our commitment to further project management innovations beyond the scope of the ISO standard. We are currently preparing an innovation intended to provide our customers with more convenient information-sharing and online control of projects in progress. The system will be trialled this year.

Newsletter 01/2015 just arrived. Topic: Automatically more efficient production

We will show you how expanding an assembly line can improve the efficiency of compressors production. We will also show you how a function test works, and you will find out where to look for interesting news on automation.

DEIMOS 2015: partnerships and new program releases

KUKA has named us a system partner, underlining our robotics expertise and know-how. We have established a similar partnership with YASKAWA, where we are known as a robot integrator. Most recently, we have become involved in the ROCKWELL partnership programme and we are negotiating certification with other suppliers with whom we have long collaborated.


With continually maintaining our current know-how a number-one priority, we implemented new releases of SolidWorks and ePlan in early 2015. We have also organised regular training for designers, programmers and engineers so that we are always in a position where we can automatically offer you higher value added.

42 layers in motion: Franz Kafka's shape-shifting face

Once again we have been involved in one of David Černý's works. Referencing the artist's sketches, we designed, constructed and installed a sculpture – unique in its 42 rotating layers forming, at a certain point, the face of Franz Kafka – for a small square at the new Quadrio shopping centre. This 39-tonne, 11-metre sculpture gives viewers the chance to see Kafka's Metamorphosis with their own eyes.


From an engineer's point of view, it comprises 252 large structural segments, nearly a kilometre of cabling, 1,500 m² of mirror-polished stainless steel sheet and more than 16,300 fasteners. The design work included the creation of a 3D model with over 20 GB of data. Based on the model, we created exploded views requiring 2,039 technical drawings. The sculpture is moved by 42 synchronous motors powered by 21 engine modules. Everything is controlled by a Simotion system supplied by Siemens.

We run tests using vacuums and overpressure

The Twin Leak Tester, made for Halla Visteon Autopal, is designed to test dual circuit products for leaks using a vacuum and overpressure via workers in two independent positions. We designed and constructed the machine so that it would be possible to connect compatible insert plates to test other types of similar products.


We fitted the equipment with the SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 control system and the DEIMOS VisuWare visualisation system to display the machine status, operating instructions and guidelines for the monitoring of the number of products, including an evaluation of tests and the saving of statistical data.

Eight robots installing AUDI side window guide rails

We have developed and made an automated assembly line for DURA Automotive which assembles ornamental side window guide rails for Audi vehicles. We selected and programmed eight KUKA robots and other components delivered by reputable suppliers so that they would clean the part, apply primer, hardener and adhesive in a single operating cycle and complete the assembly of the rail by means of a connector.


User-friendly and simple line operation and servicing is available via touchscreen monitors. We have installed production process visualisation using the DEIMOS VisuWare system. The biggest advantages of the system are that it is easy to navigate and that specific operating and maintenance information is readily available. It can also be used, for example, to store statistical data on individual products and procedures. 

Framing solar energy

We have designed and assembled framing equipment for Kyocera. This equipment automatically assembles solar panel frames. The machine is controlled by a single control system – Mitsubishi Q02U CPU. In has a framing capacity of 65 panels per hour.

EGR valve and 12 machines

At DEIMOS, we create machines and entire lines that help to push back the frontiers of industrial production. We have decided to share our passion for the very latest technology with you. And because, as they say, one picture (a motion picture at that) is worth a thousand words, we have produced a film.


See for yourselves how even a production line can be a work of beauty, even though the perfectly synchronised movements of the machines are not primarily designed to please the eye. Fully assembled and tested EGR valves – the part of the engine which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions, thus helping to protect the environment – roll off the end of the line.

15 programmes from 9 types of screwing

We fitted VW fan system assembly equipment with five Weber screwdrivers, each controlled by a Weber C30SxS unit. That they have been programmed to offer 15 different programmes and nine different types of screwing (depth, angle, or moment based).


The equipment is fitted with DEIOMS VisuWare, which stores records of screwdriver tightening. This system can be used to filter the displayed values according to various criteria and export them to MS Excel for further statistical evaluation.

Focus on the new-generation Škoda Octavia

As a reliable supplier of production machinery for the automotive industry, it was unthinkable that we would be missing from the birth of the latest generation of the bestselling model made by Škoda Auto in the carmaker's home town of Mladá Boleslav.


The machine we developed for Varroc, the leading global manufacturer of car lights, turns out rear lamps for the recently launched version of the Škoda Octavia Combi. Our machinery in Nový Jičín flawlessly copes with the assembly, ultrasound welding and subsequent quality control of each light.

Vacuum assembly

We have designed and made an automatic assembly and testing line for BRISK to cast and encapsulate fitted sensor bodies.


The line automatically handles the bodies and casings, which are inserted by the operator into the machine's input positions. The line includes a special dispenser where the encapsulant is precision mixed and dispensed into the sensor casing. The actual assembly of the sensor core in the casing takes place in a vacuum chamber. Finally, the positioning of the parts in the assembly unit is automatically visually checked. 

Tester, assembly lines and special-purpose machinery

In the first half of 2012, we completed and successfully delivered a number of new machines and units to streamline and improve production at our customers. A particularly interesting project comprised innovative testers for car air-conditioning compressors at the Hungarian plant of HVCC – Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp., designed to test the functioning, vibrations and noise of the product.


We also delivered two automated lines for the assembly of an HVAC air-conditioning unit for a customer in France, along with special-purpose machinery for the assembly of lights and evaporators and the automated feeding of types into a welding press for customers in the Czech Republic. 

Ever heard of the Croissant?

We spent nearly a year on meticulous preparations for a project at Sochorova valcovna TZ, a.s. (the Třinecké železárny – Moravia Steel group) involving the launch of the "Croissant" in a mere three weeks.


The Croissant is the Callow C200, which machines cooled iron ingots into dimensions ready for downstream use. Our job was to completely recondition the entire ingot feeder, which had suffered major wear and tear and was no longer very reliable. The ingot feeding module was replaced by a new, modern and robust design. We managed to install this facility while the customer's employees were on their works-designated annual leave, which meant that there was no outage in production. 

Third-generation geonets

We completed a new machine for the production of geonets – an important and increasingly popular construction material – for a Polish customer.


The machine offers maximum variability and has the capacity to produce essentially any pitch with a total sheet length of up to 3,600 mm. 

EGR: Clean, package, label

We designed, constructed and launched numerous pieces of equipment for Visteon  to be used in the production and testing of an EGR exhaust system. The production and testing line had to be accompanied by an output line to clean the products from the inside (by air blasting) and outside and to package them to prevent dirt and other impurities from making their way into the inside and onto the outside of the product. The boxes are then automatically labelled with the relevant identification tag.


This line rounds of the entire production process, from assembly to dispatch of the EGR exhaust system, and is proof of the excellent cooperation and trust that exists between the experts of DEIMOS and Visteon. 

Leak testing for BMW exhausts

High demands are placed on the tightness of car exhaust systems, which is why Visteon carefully and systematically tests the system it makes.


We gradually produced a whole series of production and testing equipment for this purpose. Most recently, we made a machine to test two post-soldering parts of the system for the tightness and resistance of the join. Once the joined parts have been pressurised, the pressure drop is measured with sensitivity to millibars. Because the design is modular-based, similar products can also be tested. We developed specialised software for this contract which we now also apply to other testing units using pressurisation. 

3D solder paste

A whole number of top-brand suppliers come together when solder paste is applied to a product and when the product is transported to the soldering furnace. The palate conveyor which transfers the product between the various procedures comes from BOSCH. The 3D camera control of whether the precision dispenser, mounted with a triple-axis manipulator, has done its job properly is a system delivered by SICK.


3D technology is used because this makes it possible to check on the amount of paste applied and on how accurately it has been placed. Optimal products are grouped together on a solder plate, and once they have been filled they are inserted into the soldering furnace. Defective products are removed from the process early on. The entire system, which takes the form of an automated production line, is controlled by PLC SIEMENS Simatic. DEIMOS VisuWare, a graphic interface, provides a complete overview of products throughout the process. One of its functions is to deliver data for statistical purposes.