We deliver comprehensive industrial automation services: technical specifications, automation construction designs, power-system and software projections, the production, assembly and installation of equipment, and the launch of automation technology on the customer's premises.



  • technical specifications consultations
  • design, construction drafts and visualisation
  • pre-project documentation

We implement investment and upgrade projects. We work with the client to formulate requirements, define technical specifications, prepare draft design solutions, and create 3-D visualisations of the proposed equipment.


Automation and robotics

  • construction
  • power-system and software projections
  • production, assembly, installation and launch

We design industrial automation technology from special-purpose machinery to automatic production lines. We design innovative, practical solutions for specific processes and products. We use the latest versions of the SolidWorks modelling system for programming, and ePLAN for electrical engineering design. We work with global suppliers of state-of-the-art components. We manufacture and assemble equipment in our own assembly plant. We personally install machinery and put it into service directly in the production plant.



  • accompanying documentation and justification
  • initial training of operators and servicing engineers
  • guarantee and post-guarantee servicing

We deliver complete accompanying documentation with a declaration of conformity for the equipment supplied, along with a risk analysis. We professionally train operators and servicing engineers. We remain available to our customers for guarantee and post-guarantee servicing as and when they need it. 


If you need service for D2Automation machines, please use the contact details below.

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  • Service hours: Mo-Fr 7:00-15: 30